tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

okay, so before i start, i'll just say that i dug through the other threads with a similar topics to no avail.

So here goes the tale: I'm helping my buddy fix his 2008 tomos ST (pedal start version), he got it for pretty cheap, because the cylinder was seized. We got a new kit on it, upjetted. blah blah blah, started up right away, and let it idle for a good two or three minutes. He took it on a test ride, and less than 5 minutes later he's walking the bike back. I asked him what happened, and he said he was riding really slow, barely touching the throttle because he was scared of seizing it again, and doesn't really know much about breaking in a kit. He got to a stop sign and said the pedals jolted and he got scared, so he just hit the killswitch. After that, he was pedaling over and over trying to start it, but it wouldn't fire up.

When he finally made it back to the garage, he explained all this to me, so I tried starting it for a bit. As i was pedaling it, I realized that in the same spot every single pedal rotation, there was a small, clanking sound, that was a lower frequency, kind of sounding like the gears were knocking into something inside the case. After doing this for a couple minutes on and off, the pedals got stuck, and wouldn't pedal forward. you could pedal backwards, but not any more forward than when the pedals are in a "flat" position. I didn't want to push it because I wasn't sure what was going on, so I kept back pedaling, and lightly pedaling forward, and eventually the pedals broke free, and I was able to pedal normally, and continued trying to start it with no luck. He has excellent spark and compression, and the gas is flowing fine. Like I said, the bike started up almost instantly and was idling just fine when I first put it back together.

So that's my story, and i'm hoping any of you fine folks can offer some advice. The only thing I can think of is that when the bike was originally seized, maybe some of the shit from the metal shards popped into the case, and one of those pieces is getting stuck in a crucial area, locking the pedals and potentially "seizing" the bike when my dude was riding it. I haven't split the case yet because I don't have a case gasket, and I was hoping to get some advice before doing that, seeing if I could avoid having to buy another gasket if I didn't even need to split the case.

Thanks homies!

Re: tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

If you put a kit on it, are you premixing the gas and oil at 32:1 with good oil? You don't have to baby it, just don't open the throttle all the way for several miles of riding.

You might not be jetted rich enough. Look for a tan ceramic on that spark plug after a few trips.

Do you have the gearbox at proper level of trans fluid?

Re: tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

Hmm others more knowledgeable will correct me my 2011.tomos ( "pedal.start" ) you basically pedal clockwise a half turn to kick start it. Pedalling counterclockwise will make the bike pedal forward but won't start it. The tranny/wet clutch etc is so designed. So something most.likely the.sprag clip thingie behind the gears ( not behind the clutches ) is.probably the culprit.

Read up thoroughly on tomos.trannie disassembly and assembly. The case has to the trannie and the shafts have to be spot on clean to avoid damage to the seals on the cover. Keep track etc of where each shim and.part goes. Soon you will be a certifiable moped expert. Or In my case just simply certifiable.

Re: tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

Yes, CW if you're talking from the left side of the bike.

Re: tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

Don I emailed you.

Re: tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

> Marc Friedman Wrote:

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> Don I emailed you.

E-mailed you,Marc!

Re: tomos '08 ST pedals getting stuck

away from motor, but is yr back brake hub in its swing arm slot?

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