Vespa grande plastic covers

I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find plastic covers for Vespa grande. Mine is currently naked.

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

Angelo Massimino /

I've for sale these ones.

If interested, PM me

vespa grande side covers.jpg

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

just pm'd you.

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

Wonder why Vespa Bravo's are so hard to get?

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

I bought a set off Angelo. Ask Angelo for bravo parts. He was the only person I located that had some recently after my painter apparently lost the bravo set I bought in Europe.

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

The only difference in the Bravo and Grande Is the badge script. They are interchangeable. They are the only mopeds that share side covers.

But then I have never has a Si or a Boxer which have mono shocks so I think they share between them.

The US and Euro versions are different though and made of different plactics.

The ones pictured above that Angelo offers I believe are standard for all Euro bikes and are made of real quality plastics.

This Bravo has the Euro style that I did in fact get from Angelo. These covers will come off this bike and go right on a Grande subframe.

This Bravo and the next Orange Grande both have the US style covers made of the same vinyl like plastic like in a childs toy truck. I call them the short short style cause they dont have the rounded back like the Euro ones

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

Cheetahchrome, youve got some gorgeous bikes. I love the modified profile, and those color schemes are sweet as sugar. Nice job.

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

Thanks for the kind words Seth. I wish I could have kept them all home but like all custom builds I sell them away.

Some I have heard turned to prostitution to keep their coats luster. I have only seen two resurface but I don't make eye contact as I don't want to shame them in their struggle.

Re: Vespa grande plastic covers

Thanks for the info, on the covers. I'm rehabbing mine this winter. I think I've got the plastic truck plastic. The covers outside need cosmetic work . But the mounting posts are split, and two are broken at the base. I hot glued them, but I think I'm going to fiber/ epoxy them .

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