Restoring a DEMM smily

Haidar Jarel /

Hello im looking to get this guy up an running, i was wondering where i could get a carb rebuild kit/throttle cable.

needs most parts replaced or restored

any info on this moped would be appreciated!


Re: Restoring a DEMM smily

There's nothing in that carb that needs rebuilding. At most, all you'll need is a bowl gasket. The rest of the small parts and carb body just need to be cleaned really well. The throttle cable can be fashioned from a bicycle gear cable.

Unless you have some deep sentimental attachment to that bike, I wouldn't waste a whole lot of money restoring it. Demm's aren't the most desirable mopeds in the moped world. Demm has it's own proprietary motor and frame so engine and body parts are difficult to come by.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do with it. (edited)

Re: Restoring a DEMM smily

Haidar Jarel /

Right on man thanks for the reply. Im really just trying to get that thing running, its cosmetics are less important. I prefer the old look.

So for sure, i'll clean the carb and see about a bike cable for the throttle.

Re: Restoring a DEMM smily

Blake Totally a real doctor /

I have some new old stock tank decals for this. I don't know if you're like me but I think fresh decals on patinated paint looks pretty neat.

I also have gaskets, float, float needle for that carburetor and pretty universal throttle cables.

Re: Restoring a DEMM smily

Haidar Jarel /

Right on man i would for sure like to take you up on the carb stuff and the decals would be cool too!

Re: Restoring a DEMM smily

Anonymous User /

Ill sell you a parts bike it looks cleaner than yours! Im in oakland not too far from you. No tank no pedals or top end. Engine moves freely though. Sides are sealed should be good.

I gave up on it. If you dont then buy mine for cheapo!

Re: Restoring a DEMM smily

Any chance you still have some Demm Smily decals? Or a lead on where to source them? Thanks!


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