78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

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Hey guys!

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but I'm having issues mounting the crankcase back together after separating to work on the starter spring... the starter ratchets seem to be preventing me from getting the assembly to fit comfortably into its home. I've got a shop manual, which helped lead me as far as the repair went, but reassembly isn't really mentioned! Is there a trick or technique that helps get the two halves back together? Thanks in advance!

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

Jack Rutherford /

that's really it

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

> Jack Rutherford Wrote:

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> >

> that's really it

....and make sure you put all the parts back where they belong.

parts placement within transmission.

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

Adam Rosenow /

Thank you so much! Cross referencing my manual, the info is actually there, just not anywhere as clear as this one. Can't express the appreciation (no pun intended, but there you go)!

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

> Adam Rosenow Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Thank you so much! Cross referencing my manual, the info is actually

> there, just not anywhere as clear as this one. Can't express the

> appreciation (no pun intended, but there you go)!

The main reason I took pics of everything I did on mine.

Manual was garbage and I knew that the documentation I took would help others later.

Its my way of paying back the site for others whom have me with Puch and Garellis. (edited)

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

I am currently working on the same problem with a 77 express. Here is my experience so far:

1. Make sure that the bearing mounted in the left case cover is in good shape. If it is sloppy and worn out, the ratchet starter will sit at an angle once it is under load and prevent installation.

2. Install the starter gear as described in the manual with the punch mark on the gear pointing where they tell you.

3. Put the kickstart arm on the shaft and rotate the gear so that the return spring engages and the two lobes on the gear are clear of where the starter stopper will sit.

4. Keep tension on the starter lever while you or a friend installs the starter stopper.

5. Release the kick start. There should be some tension on the starter chain at this point and the lives on the gear should rest against the stopper.

6. Install the ratchet spring around the collar where the ratchet sits. One leg of the spring goes in the small hole on the plate that holds back the big bad evil spring of death.

7. Install the ratchet lever and swing it around so that it catches the other arm of the spring and ends up being pressed against the starter gear.

8. Push on the kickstart lever so that the punch mark on the gear is lined up with the the ratchet arm. For me, this was about two or three teeth away on the gear at this point.

9. Push down on the starter gear and ratchet arm to be sure they are well seated and that the ratchet arm is lined up well with the gear teeth. Don’t put your fingers anywhere that the chain will cut them off if the thing releases.

10. Be sure that the release lever is pushed toward the rear brake. Carefully put the cover back on. Turning the flywheel slightly as it gets close to being together. As I am installing the cover, I position the case so that I can look down and get a visual on lining up the ratchet, starter shaft, and the shafts on the two drive gears. It takes a little wiggling at first, but it should go.

11. Listen for a “ping” as you go. If you hear something release, take it apart and reset the ratchet arm. Do this like 50 more times until it works.

A side note: I believe that my ratchet spring is deformed and therefore has a tendency to ride up onto the shaft of the ratchet arm, causing the ratchet arm to sit farther away from the L case than intended. I believe this may have been making my life more difficult resulting in multiple attempts to reassemble. I think, but have not tried to install the ratchet arm in the loaded position before everything else (add it as step 1b in the list above) My reason is that as I swing the arm around, I must lift it to clear the starter gear, thus allowing the ratchet spring to wrap around the shaft instead of the collar that extends from the L case and receives the ratchet. I think you might be able to swing the ratchet around and use a small bolt or screw placed in one of the other holes in the big spring cover to hold the ratchet back while installing the rest.

I hope this helps someone.

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

Hey there, I’m currently working on putting the L cover on my 1980 express. I have the manual and have been trying to piece it together, it’s seems to be a little confusing, I don’t understand why they explained things in the order they did. Anyways.

So I have followed the instructions and it works the way it should except the kick starter doesn’t return back up when I push it down. What I’m really confused about is should the return spring be engaged on the little cast piece BEFORE you your turn the kick starter to line up the notch on the sprocket with the lever.

Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

Ok so I solved the problem I was having with my 1980 Honda express NC50 L cover installation.

So I followed the manuals instructions to the T on how to install the L Cover onto the case. Every time I put the cover on and bolted it on and pushed the kickstart lever down, the lever would stay down and I would have to pull it back up to push it back down again and again until it stopped. Now it all functioned properly in the sense that it wound up the spring and real eased it. But for some reason the return spring was not working how it should.

So I came on here and found this thread on mopedarmy and saw Nathan’s post. So I followed his instructions to the T, and the same thing happens. No return of the kickstart lever, but function right without lever falling off or anything. What I couldn’t understand is where it tells you in the manual, where to position the return spring, when you are putting the starter gear into the case while aligning the punch marks.

After much thought and on and off pretty much all day, a buddy of mine came over who is a old mechanic and understands these things a lot better than me and started messing around with it, and finally we got it!!! Holy crap it actually works properly. Now I have I think 9 Honda scooters from 1980 Honda express to 1987 Honda elite Se50 with a 1985 aero cylinder head and piston in it, so I know my way around a Honda scooter, but I have never seen a part so crucial missed in a Honda manual.

So, to conclude here’s what I figured out, the magical information that Honda left out of there manual I think. As far as I know it doesn’t say this anywhere, or maybe it did and I can’t understand it.

I’m Nathan’s instructions, step number Two, should also include that when installing the starter gear make sure the return spring (the spring that gets pushed up against the L cover at the bottom of the starter gear, that has a little hook on the outside, with the open end of the hook facing down) is seated properly. In between the two cast lobes or nipples. While making sure the return spring in positioned right, also make sure the punch mark on the starter gear is lined up with the punch mark on the actual L Cover, you can see a good picture of that part in the manual.

I actually damaged my return spring while trying to do this because I did not have the positioning right and the spring bent by it winding in a wrong direction I think. But I figured there had to be people out there who had the same problem. Unless I missed it in the manual somewhere. Hope this is helpful. Happy riding.


Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

I am in the 20’s Trying to put the left case on.

I think I am doing everything told. But the starter winding lever does not want to return after the first release.

I am going bonkers with this cover. Live in the Jacksonville, FL area.

I will drive to anyone who can help.

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