Re: 78 Honda Express Crankcase fitment issues

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Ok so I solved the problem I was having with my 1980 Honda express NC50 L cover installation.

So I followed the manuals instructions to the T on how to install the L Cover onto the case. Every time I put the cover on and bolted it on and pushed the kickstart lever down, the lever would stay down and I would have to pull it back up to push it back down again and again until it stopped. Now it all functioned properly in the sense that it wound up the spring and real eased it. But for some reason the return spring was not working how it should.

So I came on here and found this thread on mopedarmy and saw Nathan’s post. So I followed his instructions to the T, and the same thing happens. No return of the kickstart lever, but function right without lever falling off or anything. What I couldn’t understand is where it tells you in the manual, where to position the return spring, when you are putting the starter gear into the case while aligning the punch marks.

After much thought and on and off pretty much all day, a buddy of mine came over who is a old mechanic and understands these things a lot better than me and started messing around with it, and finally we got it!!! Holy crap it actually works properly. Now I have I think 9 Honda scooters from 1980 Honda express to 1987 Honda elite Se50 with a 1985 aero cylinder head and piston in it, so I know my way around a Honda scooter, but I have never seen a part so crucial missed in a Honda manual.

So, to conclude here’s what I figured out, the magical information that Honda left out of there manual I think. As far as I know it doesn’t say this anywhere, or maybe it did and I can’t understand it.

I’m Nathan’s instructions, step number Two, should also include that when installing the starter gear make sure the return spring (the spring that gets pushed up against the L cover at the bottom of the starter gear, that has a little hook on the outside, with the open end of the hook facing down) is seated properly. In between the two cast lobes or nipples. While making sure the return spring in positioned right, also make sure the punch mark on the starter gear is lined up with the punch mark on the actual L Cover, you can see a good picture of that part in the manual.

I actually damaged my return spring while trying to do this because I did not have the positioning right and the spring bent by it winding in a wrong direction I think. But I figured there had to be people out there who had the same problem. Unless I missed it in the manual somewhere. Hope this is helpful. Happy riding.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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