1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

I got this maxi 4 years ago and have had the wiring mickey-moused the whole time. Here's what i got from the 5- wire stator (pics to come)



Blue w/ Black stripe


Blue w/ Green dots (not even connected to anything)

The thing I have not seen on any wiring diagram (aside from the wire that is blue w/ green dots) is there are 3 wires on the condenser. In the photos below, coming from the condenser I have black wire going to larger coil on top, black wire going to points, blue wire to ignition coil. I think I had that all wired right, but it is obviously a change from earlier model wiring which used 6 wires and only had 2 on the coil. For instance, this stator doesn't have the grey wire we all know and love.

I have seen a couple old threads (like 2008-09) where people had the same confusion with their 85 maxi, but there was no resolution there. Maybe 10 years later someone took the time to figure it out? i dont wanna be that guy cus i dont understand electrical for shit lol but I'm trying and willing to learn!! Please help!

Please don't tell me it's the same as previous years cus clearly it's not. And if it is, and it just does not appear to be, maybe instead of telling me to figure it out using old diagrams (which i have done, unsuccessfully) maybe explain to me what is for what circuit to help me understand? Cus ya know, that's how we all get better.

Thanks in advance y'all


Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

Yellow- Headlight

Green - Running tail light

Green/Blue - Brake light

Blue - Ignition Coil

Blue/Black - Horn (if i remember correctly it's best to either just float this or just ground it, but the horn is a weak link with puch wiring)

Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

Richard Eberline /

Blue/black stripe goes to the horn, two wires one terminal crimp.

Second Blue/black horn switch. The main wiring harness has 2 brown wires and a black both brown are grounded to the frame, one to the horn, which is doubled up on the same terminal like the blue/black, that brown is the headlight ground. The second brown goes to the kill switch. The black goes from the blue ignition wire to the kill switch. Yellow headlight/ horn switch black with yellow stripe goes to the headlight and speedo. Green 5 watt tailight.

Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

Richard Eberline /

blue/green stop light 10 watt and the two switches. puch added a wire from each switch. switch is NO (normally open)

Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

Would like to add that they always cut the blue wire in the movies. :D

Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

After sitting on the project for nearly a year I finally got back to it. This time I was determined to find a diagram that actually shows my stator and how to wire it, and I did!

Ignore the "regulator" (item no. 9 in diagram) or at least I did because my maxi didn't have one. My "lilac" (purple) wire was actually blue w/ black stripe for the horn circuit.

Weird to have 2 wires to power the headlight, never seen it. My headlight was stupid dim, now its bright as tits!

Hopefully this helps someone someday. Add to puch diagrams in the Wiki? Nobody uses the wiki anymore, it's a sad time for mopeds


Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?


Puch-Wiring-Actual-1980-82-square-switches (1).jpg

Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

Post for a SIX (6) wire stator in Buy & Sell..... What you have is a 1977 or before stator...

Re: 1985 Puch Maxi Wiring Diagram. Does it exist?

No, not correct. I saw you post this previously on forums where people were looking for this exact stator wiring diagram. The early model 5 wires are different. Look how there's 3 wires to the condenser in my photos in the first post and only 2 in the photo you posted. These 5-wire stators came on later model maxi LS, like 84-85's and the diagram I found for the maxi LS/cobra from the 1980-1984 shop manual works perfectly. These 5 wires actually had a few diagrams with this exact stator (with blue/green dot wire and 3 wires on condenser) showing it on the puch dart and puch AD as well. I know I dont need a new stator, it works perfectly and now I know how to wire it correctly.

That's why i bumped this old thread. To put an actual answer out there for this "mystery" stator that nobody sees much of. It is in fact different than the early model 5 wires.


See pages 123-125 for diagrams, including the one I extracted and posted above.

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