Magneto rubbing against flywheel/stator/something

I purchased a poorly running 1978 Puch Magnum XK yesterday. While doing some troubleshooting, I noticed that the timing was waaaay off. I went through to set the proper timing, however when I loosened the stator to set the timing, it became unseated. I've taken off the flywheel and magneto and reseated the stator, however now as the Magneto turns, its rubbing against something. I can't tell if its rubbing against the outside of the flywheel or against the stator. I'm sure that the stator is properly seated now, I've moved it around like 50 times trying to get stop the rubbing, but nothing has worked. Additionally, now the points won't open when I turn the magneto. I did some searching but couldn't find anything that applies to my situation - really hoping someone else has had a similar experience and could provide some feedback. I'm considering buying a new stator / Magneto but it wasn't rubbing and the points were opening before I loosened the stator plate so I don't think I broke anything (but I could definitely be wrong).

Vid of magneto rubbing:

Re: Magneto rubbing against flywheel/stator/something

Maybe a magnet rubbing on a coil core .

Magic mark the surface of the magnets and spin the flywheel . Any rubbing will show . Adjust accordingly . (edited)

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