Help Puch hard to pedal

Hi i have recently bought a 1973 puch maxi, My friend got it started 2 weeks ago, but has now said it wont start. When you pull on the started lever it is really hard to pedal. Ok when lever is release. Can anyone help me out here. Im not mechanical minded but good when i get shown step to step on how to do it, like videos or pics. So if anyone has any ideas on what could be the porblem and help me out that would be great. Thanks x

Re: Help Puch hard to pedal

With lever released, it will be only slightly harder to ride than a regular push bike.

Once the lever is pulled, you engage the engine and it will be 'hard going' but you should still be able to 'ride' it. you wont want to ride more than a few meters like this!!

If, upon pulling the lever, it virtually stops you, there is something seriously wrong.

Sorry if this is obvious, but have you mixed two stroke oil with the petrol? If not you WILL damage the engine!

Check out Fred's guide;

This is the one stop information page you will need if you are new to peds and mechanical things.

Please keep us informed with your progress, and would be nice to see a pic if you can upload one!

Best of luck, Adrian (also in UK)

Re: Help Puch hard to pedal

Bad Cadillac™ /

Sounds like it might be seized up. Did your friend use a gas and oil mixture for fuel?

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