Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Please help! My moped gets all funny on me when I connect the electrical connection by my headlight connection.

I would love to have lights!

I would love to not use red lights for the tail light.

I hope somebody can tell me what part of my moped is going crappy when I connect to the electrical connection. Check my video, please

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

what it sounds like is that somehow it is stuck in the start position, where it will not rev, is the key switch grounding out with the lighting wiring?

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

that's something I'm going to have to look into and that would make sense. I did find a service manual online that I'm going to try and follow to do some tests but I don't have this thing called the electro tester.

ALL: (Does anybody have any resources I can use to go about doing a full electrical test? I have one of those cheap $10 multimeters....)

I've had somebody else tell me that it sounds like a short is happening or it could be my condenser or points. I have not done a bulb test but I'm going to pull all the covers off of the blinkers. I have a feeling there's some messed up wires somewhere or something broke, on top of what you suggested

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Since it revs right with the harness unplugged I would say your ignition is fine, that weird switch is designed to restrict the engine, I don't have it on my QT, as it is a '80 model and I'm glad.

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Thanks for your Insight. Now I need to get to figuring out where my short is.

I feel like something's touching metal somewhere in there

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

That would be my guess, headlight is on with the engine so maybe go through the key switch?

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Too high wattage headlight.

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Jack Rutherford /


Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Doesn't your ignition switch have three positions? My '82 MJ50J Towny has 3 positions: (1) OFF (2) START (3) RUN. For safety reasons you are to switch the key to position (2) START while off the bike. Then, while still off the bike, start the engine. While holding the rear brake lever (left hand) bump it off the centerstand then seat yourself in the saddle. Now you may switch the key to position (3) RUN.

When you unplug that electrical connector in the headlight shell you defeat the ignition governor and you should be able to start the bike even without the key. Here are some pictures from my owner's manual:


Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

It's not the headlight. I now have a Honda C70 headlight hooked up to it. It's the proper voltage and it is a well-known replacement for this moped. Still does the same thing when I hook up the electrical Main, like in the video

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Everything you explain sounds the cat might have something to do with this but I'm not so sure. Did you watch the whole video? I tried it with and without electrical Main Line connection. It does the same thing with or without headlight. It very well could be that my ignition switch is bad or crossing connection between positions. I have some major wire testing ahead of me

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Yes, I watched the video.

Please confirm that you are turning the key ONE click clockwise...then kick starting the engine...then turning the key ONE MORE click clockwise.

This confirmation will help me understand your problem better.

Re: Help! Main Electric line 84 QT50

Danny Warner /

did anyone get this figured out ? just curious as im having issues with the 3 way key switch ugh

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