a3 rewire

I put one of these on my a3 (https://www.treatland.tv/puch-12-volt-light-coil-2-0-improved-version-p/puch-light-coil.htm)

and after wiring it in im not getting spark. I've looked around until my eyes bled and i cant find a wiring diagram that fits my setup. My setup is like this, head and taillights, momentary kill switch voltage regulator and the coil. pretty basic but if someone has some expertise in this area and can draw me up a solution to my problem or point me in the direction of one that would be super rad.

Re: a3 rewire

How many wires do you have coming out of the stator? I'm assuming four? Black and blue off the ignition coil and Yellow and green off the new lighting coil? The blue off the ignition coil runs the brake light and either needs to be connected, or grounded to the chassis.

Re: a3 rewire


Re: a3 rewire

i have 5 wires total, two bluegreen colored and one yellow off the new coil and one light green and one lightgreen/blackstripe. assuming the lightgreen/black is ground then yes that would make 4.

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