What did I do?

Blorp Blorpmonger /

Tightened my chain a bit because chain kept popping off. Made it too tight because I was going slow. Loosened chain. Still going slow. Noticed these metal flakes on the rear sprocket. What did I fuck up?


Re: What did I do?

Probably Fred /

You ruined your bearings your races on inside of your hub probably

Re: What did I do?

looks like nuts/bolts for the sprocket have rubbed on something.

wheel not lined up straight? i.e. not pulled straight with the 2 tensioners?

going slow- perhaps something upset with the brake mechanism?

could be jamming on.

Best of luck, Adrian

Re: What did I do?

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Take it all apart, clean & inspect the parts for integrity. Make sure on re-assembly they are in the correct order and adjusted properly. Do it before you continue to ride and have even bigger problems.

Re: What did I do?

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Sprocket teeth appear to have a very pointy profile, which is a good indication that it may be time for a new chain and sprockets, which may be the source of the metal flakes.


Re: What did I do?

Thierry Marseille /


the problem is not the chain but the brake support.

remove your wheel en unmont the brake support you will see clean metal xhere the metal touch

for mr you juste neen wacher to fix the broblem



Re: What did I do?

Might want to lube that chain . Looks pretty dry .

Re: What did I do?

Thierry Marseille /

It's NOT comming from the chain but from the brake support

look at my pictire and see if you find scrach metal on the red arrox place

brake check.gif

Re: What did I do?

The dust probably isn't coming from the chain , but it still needs to be lubed . That's if the op wants any life out of it and the sprockets .

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