honda hobbit will not accelerate..

hey guys. so my hobbit today decided it didnt want to accelerate normally..

it does not want to get above 10mph it seems. even when i open up the throttle all the way it sounds and feels as though its only at about 1/4.

it was running perfectly yesterday. all i did today was put on my decompression cable and also put on my magneto cover. the decomp required me to drop the tank ( so all i did was disconnect my fuel line, and unplug my coil from the spark plug), and the magneto cover required me to remove my coil then put it back on...

what is going on here?

thanks in advance

Re: honda hobbit will not accelerate..

taylor Vogel /

i forgot to add that the bike dies when i choke it

Re: honda hobbit will not accelerate..

Are you using a paper inline fuel filter ?

Did you insure that ALL , including the ground , connections are shiny clean and scratch tight ?

I'm guessing that your gosling the tank around stirred crap up and it migrated to your float bowl . Then , of course , clogging jets .

Re: honda hobbit will not accelerate..

Fuel or Air related; Ideas (in addition to what PD said - check that 1st, i.e. clean your carb, esp. the main):

Check to make sure decomp is/remains seated correctly.

Make sure the carb can breath through the filter / stack.

Check for air leaks around the intake manifold (sometimes you touch these in just the right/wrong way and they start sucking air; though it's probably not this if the choke kills it).

Re: honda hobbit will not accelerate..

Is the decomp cable too tight, holding it open a smidge? I have never used mine, not sure why it is even there, bike starts easy enough without, unlike a Moby. I also thought the plugwire and the coil were one unit, may be wrong, but are you sure you made a positive connection when reassembling it? There is a little filter in the petcock, might check that as mentioned above moving the tank may have stirred up sediment and Hobbit carbs are very finicky and must be very clean to run right.

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