sealing engine cases

heyo, i just put a new crank on my e50, and i was curious about sealing it. i have my bonding material thats been setting for like a day now, and ive replaced the screws with loctite on them. i was mainly curious if i need to use my impact driver to tighten the bolts back in? or is that over kill and am i going to strip everything and hate myself? (edited)

Re: sealing engine cases

Metric Bolts Maximum Torque, in foot-pounds, for clean, dry threads Check your Shop Manual !

Bolt size --- Low Grade ------ Grade 12.9

6mm --- 3-5 ------ 12

8mm --- 8-12 ------ 29

10mm --- 15-22 ------ 57

12mm --- 39 ------ 100

Doubtful that there are any 12.9 grade bolts in any moped motor , but ???

Re: sealing engine cases

motoseal one, and very snug w hand

Re: sealing engine cases

Pneumatic driver? You run a serious risk of stripping unless it has a torque-limit setting. Otherwise it's the same as an impact wrench; aluminum is too soft.

Re: sealing engine cases

so much overkill. I do use a little impact drill to put em back in but I don't let it sit there jack hammering em in. just use it to get em screwed in quick and nearly snug, tighten the last few turns by hand

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