Minarelli V1 sudden loss of power off the bat

Hope someone can help me out here. I've been driving my stock seabring for well over 3 months now and had her going up the same hills at a steady 15-25ish. It wasn't until just a few nights ago that I started to notice she wasn't quite climbing at the same speed and actually over the next two days she wouldn't make it all the way. Now today she just isn't climbing hills if starting from a dead stop at the bottom of some of the hills. The bike is still able to eventually hit 30, if on flat ground, but just takes quite a bit of unassisted time to get it to 5-15 now. Yet once it gets to 25-30 it seems to maintain it pretty well. I guess I should add that I've put in close to 2000 miles in the past 3 months before hitting any issues until today. I also kept up with oil changes. Not sure if it might be clutch related. I'm all ears.

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