Rebuilt Magneto '78 Peugeot 103 - No Spark

Alex Wyatt /
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Hey everyone. First post to the forum, but I have been using all the great info for the past 2 months rebuilding a '78 Peugeot 103 that I got a while back.

I have finally finished cleaning and repairing/replacing everything needed. As I have read up on the issues associated with the old 2-coil Peugeot magneto, I decided to replace everything on the stator plate. Marking everything, careful of the timing, I'm pretty sure I put it all back together on the flywheel very close to the original before removing it. However, I recently tried to turn it over to see that big blue spark, spark. I know the timing shouldn't have anything to do with getting a spark, just a matter of when it happens so timing isn't so much the issue..yet, just no spark. I've taken everything off again re-checked things and tried again, still no spark. I attached a picture of the wiring and setup for reference. The parts I replaced the old with are:

puch and peugeot internal ignition coil/high tension coil -

peugeot internal lighting coil -

- new condensor and points

- new non-resistor ignition wire and boot

- new spark plug NGK BP6HS

I also replaced the brake switches and rewired the braking system to draw power from the lighting coil, so the black wire coming from the old ignition coil is now grounded from between the new coil and stator plate to the frame of the bike.

I also did a check of the coils using a multimeter. I will tell you I'm not savvy when it comes to electrical, and tend to struggle. However I tried multiple positions on the coils testing the resistance at 200 ohm, but got readings of zero. I realize this would mean that the coils are bad, however I cant imagine 2 new coils from treats would both be bad and it is likely operator error.

Also, one thing I was thinking that it could be is the air gap between the magnets and the coil. It seems a little further away from the flywheel that the original coil. Not sure if that would do it, but I would figure I would get a least a soft spark from it.

Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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