O RING ????

Does the small O ring (part 30 ) go between the 2 needle shaft bearings (parts 24 and 25) ?

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Re: O RING ????

I don't even know what you're looking at. I'd just try it and see if it makes logical sense while youre actively staring at it. turn it, does it work right? usually those things you can tell - its like too much in out play or doesn't spin right or whatever

Re: O RING ????

I believe the o-ring goes before the two needle bearings. The first needle bearing that goes in has a rubber lip seal on it. The O-ring is only on newer bikes. It's just there to add an extra seal against atf leaking around the shaft.

Re: O RING ????

ive seen an oring from the outside, it sits right behind that seal and right behind that spacer which has a bevel in it just for that o ring, thin n large.

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