suzuki fa50 no spark

jason anderson /

I can't get any spark> If the rectifier is faulty will it cause no spark? Or any idea why It will not spark.

Re: suzuki fa50 no spark

Did it have spark before ?

A bit of history and specifics might help .

Are all the connections clean and tight ?

Including the HT wire connections to the coil and cap .

Re: suzuki fa50 no spark

rectifier has no effect on spark. lighting and ignition can be regarded as entirely separate systems (except in a few specific bikes where the brake lights or horn is a ground for the ignition)

heres a wiring diagram in color:

Looks to me pretty simple. you have a 4 wire CDI box connected to two wires from the stator, a ground, and the spark coil.

1st easiest check is to 1, disconnect the killswitch, which appears to be red/black. so two red/black wires should go directly from the stator to the CDI, and not elsewhere. that eliminates ground faults and switch errors in the killswitch and ignition switch wiring - essentially hotwiring it (for testing purposes)

Make sure the black and white wire is grounded to the frame and theres a good ground strap between battery negative (if running a batter) and the frame, and also frame to subframe or engine.

Lastly the yellow black wire should go out directly yo the spark plug coil. check the plug wire and boot also, and be sure to use a NEW plug.

If that all doesnt work, start working back from the plug. remove the boot and see if the bare end of the plug wire sparks. if no, disconnect the black yellow into the HT coil, and see if that's giving power. if no try the red/black wires into the CDI are they getting power?

that should help you pinpoint which element of the system is sputzed.

Re: suzuki fa50 no spark

jason anderson /

I thought it was the cdi replaced and still no spark. so no I have a charge coil on the way. maybe that's the issue. not sure

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