2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

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I have a 2002 Tomos Revival. I am trying to fix it up while teaching my self. Next up I have to replace the fuel line . I am doing pretty well but I am stuck getting the magneto case back on. I am not sure how the "barrier pipe up/down" (see attached img) fit in.


Anyone have a diagram or some advice that might help me. (edited)


Re: 2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

Hmm, i have the same bike. Must be for the kickstart models because i dont recall that piece ever being on mine.

Re: 2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

Those two pieces protect the oil lines from the magneto and protect the magneto from chain grime.

Looking into the inside of the magneto-cover half of your cover, at 10 o'clock you'll see a square hole through to the outside, and a slot that comes down from the mating surface to the inside of the cover with two grooves on either side.

With your oil injection lines already in place, put the hooked end of the metal piece into the square hole, and the long end up the slot, covering the oil injection lines. Then insert the rubber piece into the grooves, it should hit the metal piece at the bottom.

Re: 2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

before u seize, remove oil pump with small allen, very hard for some reason. cut off all oil lines, remove oil tank. wrap in plastic and throw away. say yes! i will run premix and not worry about some stuipid auto oiler or if i f up somewhere installing sidecover, etc.

Re: 2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

Ahh, so that's why I don't recall seeing that piece. I took the pump off years ago. I suppose it's a nice feature but it's also a hassle having the tank and the light and the pump and the hoses etc. A can of premix at home and a shot under the seat for the odd fill at a station has never failed me.

Re: 2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

Even if you disable the oil injection, it's good to leave in the three pieces that seal off the magneto area, or better yet seal off where they went through with caulk or something if you can get it clean enough to stick.

Re: 2002 Tomos Revival. Fuel line replacement

I am having the same issue while grinding on my side cover those 2 pieces fell out and I cant figure it out as to where they went ive been running without them I have oil injection and it works great a little too well really but I was wandering where these 2 pieces went,


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