qt50 without battery

jason anderson /

is it ok to run without battery. everything is missing for the battery

Re: qt50 without battery

It will run, but no taillight/directionals.

Re: qt50 without battery

Jack Rutherford /

"k if u run without a battery the only thing the battery does is a regulator, you will blow out your headlight and taillights and shit. your weak spark could be rust over the magents on your flywheel which could cause weak contact, ive had it happen, so run without a battery and blow your headlight which is terrible cause you cant change the bulb, others dont matter cause u can change them, just a forewarning."

Re: qt50 without battery

^ I think that is just on the express? My headlight is fine, but from what I understand the taillight and directional s need the battery in place to work.

Re: qt50 without battery

Y’all are silly.

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