Fa50 won't fire after kickstart lock

So I slipped up on the kickstarter and it jammed up. I then walked it a mile back home. I opened the crankcase and I could turn the crank with a wrench and it would go from really tight one turn to kind of tight the next. I put the case back together and still locked. I opened the magneto side and turned it backwards until it was easy to turn again. I put it all together and everything in the tranny worked fine because I tried to kick it a hundred times to get it started. Absolutely nothing. Could I have messed up the timing some how?? I know you dont have to adjust it on a PEI system but im getting good spark. I thought I broke the reed for sure and I looked at it and it's perfectly fine. Prior to locking it up, it would start after just a few kicks. Any ideas on what to do or what's causing this? Thx for any advice.

Re: Fa50 won't fire after kickstart lock

is it sparking? More than just checking for spark, if you're kicking and it's sparking you can be sure everything's turning over.

then run it thru the freds guide. hit it with some starter fluid and see if its a fuel issue.

but I believe from your details you've got a trans issue where your kicker isn't turning things over. I'd be inclined to check on the chain (should be a lil internal chain drive I think) and gears

Re: Fa50 won't fire after kickstart lock

You have spark , but , is it at the correct time ?

Check that the flywheel key is copacetic .

I don't see why it would be a fuel problem , but ???

Re: Fa50 won't fire after kickstart lock

Mike Blaser /

I'm getting good spark and when I thumb the plug hole I know the piston is moving. I took the tranny apart twice trying to get it unlocked. When I put the cover back on each time it still wouldn't kick. The only thing that worked was spinning the crank backwards on the magneto side until everything was loose and spinning smooth. I was them able to kick it over again. It's getting fuel, spark, and the reed is fine. Could i have messed up the timing putting the trans back together? i know you shouldnt have to worry about timing on this system but im stumped. I didnt get in to the clutch and crank and all that, just the kick gears and chain. I have tried using starting fluid as well and nothing. It doesn't even sound like it's close to starting. Thanks fellas.

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