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My 1980 Puch Maxi would start, idle and rev up quite well when on the center stand, but would quickly Lois power and bog down if I was sitting on it and going for a ride.

I removed and cleaned the exhaust and baffle which was definitely in need of this, but made no difference in the performance. So I removed the carb, disassembled and cleaned it. Though everything seemed fine I found the jet in the bowl to be plugged abit. After opening up the jet, reassembling and reinstalling the carb the bike ran perfectly. I was able cruise up and down the street with good acceleration and no power loss.

I am posting this in hopes that it might help others with similar issues on their bikes and I can’t stress enough how surprisingly simple and straight forward it is to clean a Bing carb.



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Great looking bike! Add an in-line filter to help prevent having to do that again. Enjoy!

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Ouuu love the TRD Sport

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Re: Carb Cleaning

what? i dont get it is this newbie cheerleading? wait, i do get it, its moped appreciation, ok good job, x2 on filter and dont forget the oil.

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Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Sweet that way! :)

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Thanks Jeff,we"ve got the same truck. TU.


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roots to wings /

You can turn that into a 30 mph 2hp bike and keep it stock with minor modifications that would cost you less than $60. 14mm bing, hi flow air filter, 16t front sprocket and detested red exhaust. If it bogs under load again I’d be thinking condenser

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