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Good you posted the solution that worked for your snags. That will be helpful for other folks with same troubles. the way...

Next time you have trouble check the quality of spark before just changing the condenser - if the spark is not bright blue and snappy then it for sure is the condenser - otherwise it is other issues.

Spraying crap around the union of casings and fittings usually just wastes time and effort and rarely reveals leaks, and will never reveal a leak at a crank seal because it can not reach where the seal is, best to give a leak down test.

...just saying...

> viv v Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> okay it always annoyed me trouble shooting my bike by studying these

> threads, and the solution is never posted. so i solves my problem and

> i’m just gonna post the solution in the case that anyone else has this

> problem.


> fred’s guide of “gas, spark, compression” rolls through my head every

> time i work on my bike. being that the bike idled pretty soundly, i

> disregarded air leaks, as spraying the connective points didn’t change

> much. however, it seemed that it was just enough in the collective areas

> to effect the performance. i put new gaskets on everything, torqued

> everything down, started with the 92 plug chop, and as you would guess;

> crazy rich. dropped down to an 80, and the bike runs perfectly now. as

> for the no hot-starting, i think that may have been a result of being

> way too rich. if it still is acting up, i am going to replace the

> condenser. i’m not sure what makes these go bad, but i had this problem

> recently and changed it to solve it last time. thanks for your help

> dudes.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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