tuning/starting grievances

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hello, so two issues with my bike, maybe related? i need y'alls help.

recently i updated my pipe from the proma circuit pipe, to what's listed on treats as the puch black pipe. it ran fine with my original jetting, until i got beyond halfway on the throttle, and it would bog down. so i figured this meant it was lean. i upjetted through the even range slowly, from an 82 (my starting size), and stopped at 94, where it started to feel like the bike was chugging, even on the low end. either way, throughout all these jets, i still had the same problem with my original jetting -

beyond halfway on the throttle, it bogs down. from the 94, i went down to a 92, and the low end is absolutely great, i just can't open up past half way, and i'm not sure where that puts me? a plug chop gave me a beautiful, golden brown, wet plug.

issue two, which maybe will have some leeway to an answer to issue one: my bike will not start if the engine is hot. i torqued everything, and recently had to install an external condenser. the only leak that will effect idling slightly is carb to intake, but i feel like every bike i've had leaks there. especially with bing's. the bike idles a little rough when i first start it, but once it warms up, it will idle beautifully. it's just that if i kill the bike to run into the store or something, i have to wait a good 5-10 minutes before i'm able to start it again. if the bike is cold, it starts instantly with no issue at all. however, when it's warm, when trying to start it, it almost seems like a fouled plug with the way it reacts.

sorry if this is dense; i just figured the more information the have, the more helpful it will be to reach a solution.

please help me, you lovely folks of the internet moped world. spring will be here soon and i wanna have fun in the sun.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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