Re: what model is my moped? i

Born to be WillD /

its true, myrons is the place to go.

but the more important thing is that year doesnt matter. if you cant figure it out theres no way in shit the DMV ever will. So whatever you tell them is what they'll know and as long as you're not claiming its from 1812, or 2025, you'll be 100% fine making up a year.

if there's another reason you think you need to know the year, you probably still dont need to know. I dont think they ever changed anything, and parts are pretty interchangeable between most anything except specific engine bits. so any hero majestic ankur motors are gonna have the engine parts ya need, and any moped at all can have the rest if you know what to look for, like forks shocks wheels brakes throttles carbs etc etc etc.

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