E50 Clutch Bell Shimming Question

Dmitry K. /

I'm shimming my needle bearing E50 clutch bell.

Per manual

step #1: to measure gap between primary gear and circlip on crankshaft. To this measurement add the required clearance of .012—.020 in. (0.30—0,50 mm) between pressure plate and face ling, this would give the required thickness of the lower shim.

step #2: Then lift clutch drum and measure the gap between primary

gear and circlip on crankshaft (not circlip on bearing). Clutch drum must be shimmed to allow .004 - .008 in. (0,10 - 0,20 mm) end-float.

There's no such thing as circlip on crankshaft under clutch bell: clutch side it's seal, 6203 NR snap ring bearing, and circlip and that's it. What's manual talking about?

Another question: where to get metric feeler gauges with leafs over 1mm. Most end at 0.6mm something and it's next to impossible to work with those.




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