GY6 newb question

kody whitt /

hi all,

I am looking in to getting a cheap china moped particularly a 50cc trike varrent. I know from my reading up that almost all china bikes have a gy6 based engine and that they are cheap and will eventually crap out. I am a newb to small engines but i am a second year electro-mech engineering student who enjoys tinkering so i think i could muddle through repairs. My question is if the engine is beyond repair how hard would it be to find a new engine for a swap out? are gy6 engines pretty standardized? or are they very bike specific? Pretty much what im asking is is during manufacturing is the bike built to fit the engine so one engine form another bike could fit my bike or is the engine built to fit the bike so to find a engine for my bike i would have to translate forien obscure moped forums to find one

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