Cimatti City Bike has no horn or brake lights

Chris Kirk /


I just got my Cimatti City Bike running, and it runs very well. The headlight and tail light work, but the horn and brake light do not.

According to the schematic from Myron's Mopeds, the light coil powers the headlight and tail light, while the horn and brake lights are powered off of the ignition coil, through the blue wire coming out of the magneto.

I'm getting no current at all through the blue wire, but the bike has a strong spark. I pulled the flywheel, and all of the wiring appears intact. I checked the blue wire from the 3 way mount where it ties into the harness to end to where it attaches to the ignition coil on the bottom, and there's continuity, so there's no break in the wire.

Since the ignition coil is grounded, I got a continuity reading at the coil end of the blue wire, and over the rest of magneto as well, which I assume is correct.

What would cause the blue wire to not have current right out of the magneto while the engine still has spark?

I'd appreciate any insight at all...



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