1981 NC50 Express Carb Help

Joe Currier /

I have a new to me 1981 Honda Express. When I got it, it would start right up first kick every time, but it will not run more than 3 minutes without dying. I think I could idle well for a while, but riding down the street, would leave me stuck at the end of the block pushing it back, where it would not start again. I figured, I would pull the carb and clean it well. I tried. Replaced the air filter with a bigger easy flow air filter. Then started to try to tune it. It would fire up, run extremely high idle, but bog down when I gave it gas. I have since put a cover on what I believe is the auto choke, but there are some hoses missing and some areas I cannot identify what they are. The oil pump, I don't know if it works, but the hose from the oil can is missing, and I understand it has been premixed. I pulled and put new fuel in 50:1.

Now, I replaced the spark plug and spark plug cap (was broke) and since doing this the moped will no longer start. The air mixture screw was all the way in and the throttle stop was 2 1/2 turns out. I have done a few mixes of resetting the needles and different combinations to try to get it to start, no dice. I just ordered a complete rebuild kit off of treatland.tv and hope I can get some distance there with it, but if there is further advice here, I would appreciate it.

My specific questions ---

1. What is this? I have capped it off, but it is open like a hose should be here. #1 on attached pic.

2. This appears to go from the oil pump. If it is not used, do I need the hose here? Should I pull the oil pump out or just cap off the hoses? #2 on attached pic.

Thanks in advance!

carb questions1.jpg

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