Bing tuning things

Alex Frank /

So I have a 77 maxi N.

has a za with

Magnum head with stock kit (49cc)

15mm bing (put O rings everywhere to seal it)

Hi Flow filter

techno boss pipe

#83 jet

My problem is it stutters here and there.

I'll let it warm up a tad then get rippin and its great. however, if I give it partial throttle (warm or cold) it falls on its face as if real lean. full throttle is great up until I hit top speed (30ish I think) full throttle acts lean.. if I back off the throttle back down to about 75-80ish percent it'll continue to pull for a tad longer and maintain its speed. next jet up makes it 4 stroke, next jet down is too lean. y

camo wrap will be removed in the future (PO did it)


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