Qt50 shaft drive failure

Trevor Buonaccorsi /

Hello some of you guys may remember me saving a Qt50 from the dead last spring. When my car broke down I rode it 35 40 minutes to work each way all summer without major issue.

At the end of summer after putting a deposit on a car to use when the weather got worse I took the bike up to the store after not riding it for a few days due to a flat back tire I also did the back brakes at the sMe time as the tire.

On the 5 minute trip to the store S I pulled away from a light the transmission slipped and then went into gear just like how an automatic car will slip. I was at the store and locked the bike up. I noticed a squeaking sound when rotating the back wheel and thought maybe I had over adjusted the brakes and maybe just maybe that had something to do with it slipping. When I went to leave I got about 20 seconds away when the whole rear wheel locked up. I managed to get the bike home by loosening the wheel nUT and pushing the bike on an angle.

When I got it home I found a chewed up piece of plastic in the ring and pinion I now know it's the spacer from inside a bearing. I took the ring gear out and decided to start and Rev the bike to see what would happen and a few ball bearings found their way out.

I looked at the exploded diagram and it looks like there is a bearing between the two halves of the drive shaft system.

I'm wondering what people think the fix is what parts I need what parts I may have damaged and might need to be replaced and since I want to do some high performance work anyways if it's worth doing some other stuff while I have the bike apart and maybe even a rebuild I've never done anything on a two stroke before but I've stripped quite a few car engines down in my line of work the bike ran OK but I figure I'm not riding it all winter anyways maybe I should just do everything if Im going to have to tear it down to fix this problem

Also would it maybe just be easier to buy a whole new drive train ?

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