Honda express 2 Mystery

Ben R /

So i've been working on a 79 express 2 for my girlfriend and I've hit a bit of a road block with it and I'm hoping you guys can help. The moped has a new coil new plug boot new plug. It has great spark, gets fuel, has air. Carb is clean (I know this because it just came off my express and it ran fine). I can get the moped to start but it runs like it is either not gettting enough fuel or too much fuel it's very odd. No matter what I do with the carb (more fuel less fuel more air less air any combination you can think of) the moped runs the same. Also, whether I give it a little throttle or alot it just bogs like I explained earler. There have been a select few times that I have gotten it to run right but there doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why it runs right. When it does run right it will be perfectly fine aka rideable as long as I keep the rpm's up but, as soon as I let off the gas it will die and be hard to start/do the bogging thing again. I have checked for air leaks as well and the motor has compression within factory spec. I have also attached a video of the moped running.

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