12mm bring repair throttle slide not moving smoothly.

Blorp Blorpmonger /

Hey all, I was just cleaning and rebuilding a 12mm bing.

Got it all nice and shiny, bottom end went together fine, however I am having a problem with the throttle slide.

First of all, yes, I am putting the groove where it is supposed to go. However halfway down it becomes REAL snug. It is not moving up and down nice and smoothly like it should. I basically have push it out again with a screwdriver.

Can the throttle slide get 'warped? IE, egg shaped? To my naked eye it seems OK, but I wanted to know if that can happen, and if there is a way to repair it.

I do not know what abuse this carb had before I got it. When I bought it from the guy he gave me the entire carb soaking in a dixie cup full of gasoline, so I do not believe it was in expert hands before.

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