Tomos trans issue I think

Daniel Rybeck /

Hello moped army I am new to this forum and currently am having a issue with my Tomos Streetmate R. So a while back I was riding the bike and I heard a loud bang and the engine shut off. I was full on transmission fluid and there were no visual chunks or anything in the fluid itself. So after the bang I was able to restart the engine but I noticed once I took the bike off the stand it would die out. So I started the bike off the stand and the engine runs if I keep moving but once I stop it dies out. Also its much harder to push and when I try to push the bike back wards it starts kicking the engine over. Aswell as getting up to speed is hard for it now. The 1st and 2nd gear clutch are both original and have about 4,300 miles on them. So I was going to replace the clutches regardless but I am not sure what the exact problem is. I will be opening up the case this week and will take some pictures but just posting here to see if anyone has had this problem before or has any info. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


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