Just bought a Honda Hobbit and it wont start

Conner Stewart /

The other day I bought a modded honda hobbit on craigslist from someone that had been given it by a friend and didn't know anything about mopeds. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to start it up when I picked it up. The moped has been top tank modified with a number of performance mods including a 70cc DR kit, 24mm OKO carburetor, an aftermarket crank, and the pedals have been replaced with pegs. Unfortunately for me when I got some mix in it the bike wouldn't start. It's getting a spark, the carburetor seems fine and is getting fuel but the decompression lever didn't seem to make it any easier to push leading me to believe it has low compression. I got a new head and base gasket and cleaned up some of the carbon build up with a bit of acetone. I also checked the ring gap After putting it back together it still wouldn't start and seemed like it has low compression. I dug out an old compression tester I had and it measured 30-45psi although I haven't had the chance to verify that the compression tester is accurate. The last thing I did was replace the head since the decompression valve seat looked a bit rough on the old one but that still didn't fix it and I'm not a huge fan of just throwing parts at something. I've made an imgur album with a few photos of the bike and various parts here. Any help would is appreciated.


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