Tomos A3: 2 wire vs 3 wire stator help

James Borcherding /

Hi all,

I recently picked up an 89' Tomos A3 that had no spark. With the everyone's help I was able to diagnose that the stator was bad. When I purchased the new stator I realized that I bought a stator with only two wires (Yellow and Black) vs. my old stator which had three wires (Yellow, Black and Blue).

The bike is currently running (yay!) but now but I can only get the horn and running lights to work, not the brake light. I spliced in the brake light circuit (blue wire) to the yellow wire but that did not work as planned. I think it dropped the voltage too low for any light to work. I can get the brake light to work, if I disconnect the running lights/horn wire.

Looking at wiring diagrams, I see the same model as mine, but with turn signals (I do not have turn signals), runs off of a two wire stator so I am hopeful I can make all lights work correctly with everyone's help.

I have attached a picture of how I have the bike currently wired.


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