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Hello all,

I have attached a picture so you can see the issue with the starting shoes discovered in the clutch. Please review to your hearts content.

This is my first post on moped army and my first moped so I'm pretty green. I'm willing to learn and get my hands dirty. The moped I have currently is a 1988 Jawa 130.

I started noticing clutch slippage a week ago and didn't really know what was happening as I've never owned a car let alone a moped. I finally decided to really look into the clutch and sure enough there are a couple issues. Firstly, the clutch was covered in a greasy residue. I believe it to be what's left over of the clutch pads but I'm unsure how that much got in there. I degreased and scrubbed what I could that day with citrus degreaser and a plastic pot brush I got from the dollar store.

This temporarily assisted with starting the moped and acceleration but quickly diminished. I picked up a 3 jaw puller today so I could remove the bell and clutch arms for inspection. Surely enough pads on the clutch are worn out, so much so it was only metal grabbing the bell. Secondly the starting shoe spring is stretched out and isn't keeping the one arm in place. Does anyone know how to replace the pads and where to find springs for the starting shoes? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

- Jango


Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

I think some of those parts are available on eastern2stroke.com

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

looks like that spring is the wrong one

i have not worked on my 210 in a while but i think

those shoes may be correct. just that little pad on

each arm.

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Yes that's the bad spring. Those shoes shows are original, the whole bike is stock as far as i can tell. Perhaps it was just time for the spring to join it's commie brethren. Any idea on clutch pad replacement? Might be time for new clutch arms entirely, know of any good ones that'll work?

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Dirty30 Dillon /

The clutch arms pictured are fine and usable. If the main clutch parts are not what is ppictured, post up.

That spring is 100% not original. Definitely some homebrew, bandaid solution.

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Here is the main clutch. As you can see the pads are completely worn away on contact points. (edited)


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Look up relining clutches for tomos. it can work as well for jawa, though the dry clutch is a detriment here and cork will not work, but kevlar or maybe leather could be good options. also be aware, I'm pretty sure the old pads are asbestos.

you can find replacement springs at any hardware store and maybe autoparts stores. take the good (small) spring with you and take a look. they can actually be a little off size and still work, but should be both matching. like if you can't find the exact, get two of the most similar and use those. you can get away without springs, and no springs at all is better than uneven or totally stretched out giant springs, but may kill your bke at idle.

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch


the 3 arms are the running clutch

replace those arms with some from Eastern Two Strokes

the 2 arm clutch is the starting clutch

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Vlado may have these parts

contact him

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Not 100% sure but eastern2stroke.com Website might be down....i tried to find it but only saw a facebook page and ebay store

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Thank you Wild, I thought I had seen very similar springs at my last bolt run to home depot. Glad to know they will work. Also good to know I probably inhaled some asbetos... workplace hazards I suppose.

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Eastern2stroke is down. I got to the German equivalent of a Go daddy "buy this domain" sites.

Re: Jawa 210 Clutch

Yeah the site is down. I found Jawaparts.com but they dont ship to US... Thanks EU...

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