questions about my petcock

Taking out the petcock in my Puch i just picked up at a yard sale. Should it have that cut out slit in the tubing?

Also Im unable to pull the petcock tubing totally out. Did a rubber plug pop through and is now jammed on the backside?

Im new to mopeds so trying to find out what to keep and what to replace. What is damaged and what is still usable. :)


Re: questions about my petcock

Throw it out. It's garbage. Get a new one from Just pull it out. Whatever falls into the tank can either be flushed out the top or just left in there. It won't hurt anything. (edited)

Re: questions about my petcock

Petcock should have a saran filter on the end and no split in the tube. Pulled this one out of a tank a couple of days ago and the saran is missing and the tank was all filled with crapola as well...

Yours is probably stuck on the saran filter or the knob thing on the end, just be forceful with it, you wil need a new one anyhow...


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