Stripped fork bolts

Puch maxi front forks, they both just fell out on me. I can't unscrew the top bridge hex bolts at the baseplate. I'm assuming they are stripped inside, they spin fine but don't come apart. I can't reach them, they are too far up into the fork tubes.

Has this happened to anyone?

Best I can come up with is to cut the tops off of the bolts, hope the inner pieces fall out and get new hardware.


Re: Stripped fork bolts

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

i would just upgrade to cheap Maxi EBR forks. If top bolts are stripped, who knows what else is wrong with them structurally.

Re: Stripped fork bolts

I can't get the forks off without removing these bolts somehow. :(

I'll look into it

Re: Stripped fork bolts

Sounds like whatever they are threaded into is spinning with the bolt. Maybe try an impact to spin them loose.

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