Vespa. And Vespa.

How in the heck do you guys get the brake pads back on your transmissions? I've managed it several times, but there has GOT to be an easier way.

Also, check out these variator cheeks!

Every bike I've gotten has buildup like this on the cheeks. Both variators. I clean them up and make them as smooth as possible, but there's still pitting.

Do you find this a lot, too?

Re: Vespa. And Vespa.

Put a rag on the transmission drive output shaft to protect it. I use a flat head screwdriver and use it as a lever to get that brake spring off…This will take some time to remove the spring. This spring isn’t remanufactured so make sure not to bend or break it.


Re: Vespa. And Vespa.

Ike Pipe /
1ke OP

Ah! Thanks Ninja!

Re: Vespa. And Vespa.


Re: Vespa. And Vespa.

With attention to the clutch cheeks, I tend not to break the clutch apart unless it's not grabbing correctly. When I get home I will take a look at a few of my clutches to see if I have the similar pitting. I'm sure the pitting isn't an integrity issue

Re: Vespa. And Vespa.

Dirty30 Dillon /

Most of the stock rear var's I have seen have some kind of pitting on the cheeks. That said, it's usually not an issue as you want the cheeks to grab the belt anyways.

Re: Vespa. And Vespa.

use an old style automotive brake spring tool

to remove that spring

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