Sebring m02 troubleshooting

Hey all,

Have a Sebring with an m02 engine and it's been a pretty solid runner till recently it developed a habit of not idling well and not starting up too easily anymore. I think this might point to a bad stator.

Anyone experience any issues like this with an m02? I was considering maybe going the HPI morini stator route, I haven't had much luck finding any stock m02 stators around.


Re: Sebring m02 troubleshooting

Have you replaced the spark plug recently? Now about cleaning the carb passages and jet? Also your crank seals,especially flywheel side might be inleaking.

Have you cleaned and re-gapped points? Check compression with throttle open? don-ohio

Re: Sebring m02 troubleshooting

Check that spark out is it blue and bright? Take the plug out and ground it on metal, like rest it on the head fins and kick it over a few times. If not strong it could be a number of things like ignition coil or plug wire/boot, bad ground.

Start with the basics before shelling out cash for a new stator or points. Spark, fuel , compression .

Re: Sebring m02 troubleshooting

Peter Vasselin /

Finally got a chance to do some work this weekend on the Sebring. My compression seems pretty good no signs of a vacuum leak. Cleaned the points as well. I ended up replacing my spark because it looked a little fouled to me.

I was able to idle without interruption which was a big shock to me because of how much difficulty I was having before. I'm a bit hesitant to say all is well, but I'll do some more poking around as I get the moped ready for the spring. I'm wondering if it was as simple as me running the engine too rich?

Thanks for all the advice on things to look out for, much appreciated.

Re: Sebring m02 troubleshooting

You're welcome. Keep an eye on your oil level in the trans. If you have inleakage of crank seal on that side it will foul a plug quickly and the fluid level will go down as the fluid is sucked into combustion. don-ohio (:^)

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