Can not install cylinder rods!

I have a V1 that I'm putting the rods back in place but they will not go back on! I don't want to break them with a vice grip or anything. If anyone has any advice on removing and installing please please please let me know!

Re: Can not install cylinder rods!

Dirty30 Dillon /

I think you mean studs. And if you clean the threads in the cases well, and the ends on the studs aren't bad, they should thread easily. To fully tighten them, use the double-nut technique, which is easier to google then for me to explain

Re: Can not install cylinder rods!

Vice grip is fine if you grab not on the threads directly. you can also demel a shallow slot in the end and screwdriver it in, or best option is the doublenut. just basically locking 2 nuts against each other so you can turn the whole stud in.

if it's not going in and stripped you can save it with a helicoil kit pretty easily, or drill it clean and tap to m7 and use m7 studs.

Re: Can not install cylinder rods!

No idea if this applies here, but on some old British bikes the threads are different on the two ends of the studs (Whitworth in the case, BSF in the top).

Re: Can not install cylinder rods!

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Clean up the threads or turn them around. I forget if v1s have symmetrical threads on each side. if they're bad maybe try threading a nut onto the threads to straighten them out. I always get new Nuts and washers anyways just to make sure it's kosher. The other things suggested will work too, just my 2cents

Re: Can not install cylinder rods!

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Re: Can not install cylinder rods!

Andrew Squiggman /

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