Fork Dust Boot Alternative

I have a Trac Escot and the fork dust boots have obviously seen better days.


Did a search on the net to see if I could find either boots or gaiters to no avail.

Next I did a search on here to see what other people are using. I couldn't find sizes listed in 99% of the threads and no one seems to suggest any alternatives.

Looking for things to use as a substitute, I decided on a set of THESE in Ø1.25" ID which is 31.75mm.

My bike has inverted forks and the sliders are Ø33mm OD. Close enough. The fork tubes themselves are Ø24mm OD.

Vinyl caps arrived today.


3/4" EMT conduit just happens to be Ø0.922" (23.42mm) OD. So, I took a scrap piece and using it as a hole punch, opened up the centers of the vinyl caps.


Continued in next post...

Re: Fork Dust Boot Alternative

...Slid them onto the fork tubes and up on the sliders and BOOM, I have new dust boots.


There are several sizes of caps available. Hopefully this helps someone out. (edited)

Re: Fork Dust Boot Alternative

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Very nice. They look good.

Re: Fork Dust Boot Alternative

Looks great...

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