moped is dying out

it will ride for a bit, then after running at WOT it will shortly die out. it will usually turn back on fairly quickly afterwards. I was told condensor but does anyone else have any ideas?

Re: moped is dying out

Starving for gas,probably. Check fuel flow to and THRU the carb. don-ohio (:^)

Re: moped is dying out

Uncle Yoseph /

should i upjet?

Re: moped is dying out

John Pillinger /

Try taking your fuel petcock off and cleaning it

Or try switching it to reserve, I've had that happen when I thought I had enough fuel in the tank but for some reason it wouldn't flow until I filled it up, even though the fuel line would drain quickly when disconnected from the carb.

Re: moped is dying out

China carb or lifan ftw!!!

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