peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

Hi i gave a stock peugeot 103 sp 1979 does anyone know if you can change the cdi ignition side crankshaft oil seal without spliting the crank case or removing it from the frame. I can see i can change the variateur side with ease but cant see from the repair manual about the other side?

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

No. you must split the case if stock.

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

How barmy is that!! one seal you can change with engine built one that can only be changed with the casing split do you recomend i change just the variateur side seal ? Or just leave it until the engine has a rebuild in the future. The seal is original 1979 and not leaking as far as i know just heard leaky seals can cause seizure of the piston

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

If they are not leaking change neither. You can spray brakecleaner behind a running flywheel or clutch bell using the little red straw the is taped to the side of the can, to see if the motor operation changes.

Why do you think you need to change the seals???

Me? I would get it done and then move on.

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

Well I have had the bike 3 yrs now and it has always started fine with the original gurtner and 12cdi kit Last week after it had been sat for 3 weeks I tried to start it and nothing, after thinking it was the carb I cleaned it in an ultrasonic cleaner and I now get it started but it idles high, as it warms up it idles higher, if I adjust the idle screw down when hot its then not enough to idle when cold starting idling is just a bit erratic it will just die on me stopped at lights ect off the stand, I am thinking my crankshaft seals may have finally worn to the point of letting too much air in (1979 originals), if I spray brake cleaner on the ignition side when running revs go up but not massively (I have no refrence from before this issue but think it always did this from memory) is it worth trying a clutch side seal first in an attempt to raise compression or do you think it's a full strip down and case split to replace both not looking forward to that if so. I can buy a new bottom end with seals and bearings already pressed in for £35 here in the uk is it easy to get the crank to fit into the bearings if that is my next step. One thing that has changed is when I close the fuel tap at the end of a rise to prevent leaks from the carb the revs used to steadily rise as it ran out of fuel abd I used to shut it off at that point but now it just goes slower until the engine stops. Any ideas?

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

good u kept the old thread, 3 year later and seals r fine. The gurtner plus that non closing petcock has gummed up the carb jet holes, (Speciqlly the idle small one) and needle seat/ float tip isnt sealing. etc. take a look at myrons page has a nice cut away visual of a gurtner and spray away that gum..

id trust 35 yr old parts over brand new 35 dollar cases w bearings and seals...

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------


> id trust 35 yr old parts over brand new 35 dollar cases w bearings and

> seals...

Such a true statement

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

I am trying the easiest method first I have a new original gurtner carb to throw on, just waiting for it to arrive I really dont want to split the cases as it runs fine and pulls well it's just idle that is affected, it starts within 3 kicks as well. It's the original carb and I believe when the idle hole blocks its blocked unless you drill it out. Hopefully the new carb will fix it.

Re: peugeot 103 sp crankshaft oil seals

Well it was the carb probably the idle jet hole blocked, I tried cleaning and ultrasonic with no joy, didnt really want to re drill the idle passage as not much good with precision stuff I fitted a new original gurtner and it's back to normal, new gurtner leaked out of the box though but have plenty of copies and have managed to cobble together a mixture of parts and it's not leaking now.

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