Re: Help with vespa piaggio ciao

^^ Yes. You learn so much by returning the bike to normal operation. It will pay off when you upgrade. Screwing up on stock is generally cheaper than screwing up on upgrades.

Good advice, Ninja.

Re: Help with vespa piaggio ciao

buy a 64cc malossi kit, they are relatively cheap and rippers. they are a breeze to install and spending exta cash on stock gaskets if you want it fast but have built small engines before is just going to waste your money

Re: Help with vespa piaggio ciao

Jesus G. saldivar /

I already removed the whole motor today since it is difficult to remove the piston with the engine hooked up to the frame. I'm going to take the little motor to a friend of mine who is a motorcycle mechanic. The reason for this, is that I don't see anything wrong with the piston, cylinder,head or rings. It seems like the cylinder was machine sanded on the inside. It has like a square pattern all over in the inside ( more like rhomboidal pattern), which is weird. The rings are loose a bit when squeezed in but they expand much more than the piston. I would think that bad rings would be embedded in the piston ring guides, but again I'm new to this. I was surprised that the engine is so easy to remove from the frame and the size of it is really small. I know my friend will be surprised too once he sees it. There are not that many Italian mopeds in Mexico.

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