Remove knob from petcock?

bought a new petcock for my moped and sadly, it will not go on due to the black knob being in the way of the tank so I can not turn it . Is it possible to remove this or what should I do?

Petcock in question:[1]

Here is what the tank looks like

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

Probably Fred /

Pictures didn't post

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

It should pop off the metal shaft. Try a couple of flat head screwdrivers for leverage on both sides.

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

Not sure how pics show up but I left them like that so it doesnt take up the whole page. Just copy and paste into your browser

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

why didn't you get the kind that's shown in the tomos tank pic ?

i've put those on before. i just take the petcock apart with a couple wrenches to get the knob off.

then put it back together after screwing the threaded part into the tank.

don't loose the spring or any of the internal parts and make sure to reassemble it the way it came apart.

you can prob do that with that type you bought also (edited)

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

The one shown is too big for the tank threading its 12 and the tank is 10. I got the black piece off but it still wont go in due to the knob.

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

attach a pic with the "black piece" off

sounds like you gonna have to take it apart, screw it on the tank

and then reassemble it on the tank.

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

I was able to use an pipe nipple / extender to make it turn. Thanks for the help peeps

Re: Remove knob from petcock?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /


I was going to say, add a washer.

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