a35 Black Wheel of Death

Wesley Burson /

guess who won the moped lottery and now has the beautiful black wheel of death! anyway how do i go about fixing it? is it a seal? bearing? satanic sacrifice? any input would be much appreciated!

PS i attached a photo for evidence


Re: a35 Black Wheel of Death

seen worse

it's the seal on the front sprocket

replace with a new one, I use permatex or yamabond on the outer edges of the seal to aid in sealing, but it's just one of those tomos things that will inevitably keep happening

there is a nut/seal party on treats that may be the ticket though I have not tried it

Re: a35 Black Wheel of Death

Wesley Burson /

Ok cool does that require the whole engine to be dissasembled? And could you like o me the part? Thanks again!

Re: a35 Black Wheel of Death

Simon Belmont /

You don't have to disassemble the whole engine only take cover off to get to the pedal side, sometimes it's possible to just tighten the nut a bit more and then bend the shim accordingly so it won't move.

Re: a35 Black Wheel of Death

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Those seals are a poor design, but no biggie. You should be able to pull the sprocket off and pull the seal out using a pick.

Re: a35 Black Wheel of Death

Myron's mopeds has a good page concerning this. usually its the seal right behind the sprocket. it the oil is on the front of yer sprocket, buy one of those after market sprocket nuts with a seal in it.

Re: a35 Black Wheel of Death

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outer seal leaks? wash ALL the oil off with carb spray, then do it again. liberaly apply 3M to both seal an case. let set long time before any oils added.


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