tomos starts but wont drive

Sarah Lawson /

So today I attempted to clean out the transmission on my 2005 tomos a55 because the fluid was nearly black. I removed the cover and sprayed out the inside with some brake cleaner and put it back together and added a 50/50 mix of gear oil and transmission fluid. When I went to start her up after I was done she started right up but the back wheel wasn't turning like it should and when I gave the bike some gas it cut off. I did a little research and heard it was most likely incorrect placement of the washers, but when I pulled it apart I had the large washer on the crank and the small washer on the gear so that wasnt it :/ I also added some gear oil to the two bearings on the cover in case the brake cleaner had dried them out. So what now?

I did notice that the kick start does not pull up freely when trying to start so I am guessing it has something to do with the crank? How many washers are there suppose to be? I have two total, one on the crank and one on the gears. Could I have tightened the bolts to tight?

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