Tomos A3 clutch fix

Garrett Bell /

Hey all!

I am helping my friend with his A3 tomos engine, the 1st speed clutch lost a shoe to destruction and I need to either change the shoe or get an entirely new clutch.

Any ideas on where I can get a new shoe or a new clutch? Posted in Buy/sell already, but if that doesn't turn anything up was looking for a Plan B.

Anyone know if the A35 shoe will fit the A3 clutch? They appear the same but as we all know its not always easy to tell from just a picture.

If i can get a new shoe, anyone have any advice or guides on how to remove and mount the tension spring?

Thanks everyone! Any help is much appreciated.

Re: Tomos A3 clutch fix

The a3 and a35 shoes are similar in shape and design but the pins that mount them to the hub are different sized. The a3 shoes actually have tougher material than the cork a35 shoes. Once you have the shoe use some small clamps or vise grips to hold the spring in place as you slip it into the groove. Between ebay and the buy/sell you can find a clutch, or shoes. I'd recommend either replacing all three or the whole 1st clutch. Its possible one shoe being worn more/less might provide balance issues, although maybe its not enough to even matter.

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