Motobecane wiring?

I have the original 6v diagram, but is there any way to make it... simpler? I don't need the light switch, but I'd like to keep the brake light and add an external condenser.

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scott middleton /

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haven't tried it but rebelmoby sent me this...

Rebel Moby (PsyclomoteurMontreal) (rebelmoby) — Oct 14, 2014 08:49PM

3) best solution for wiring issues at the master switch is to hard wire the bike.

Get a switch like this and get rid of the dang master switch.

Chrome guia switch

Remove all the stock wiring then run new wires.

One wire from 12v terminal on the magneto goes up to the switch and hot side of the horn. Run headlight and tail light from the switch. Run the other wire from the horn to the horn terminal in the switch.

Splice into the grey external coil wire and run that up to the kill switch button.

Make a jumper from the 6v terminal on the magneto to go to ground.

Rebel Moby (PsyclomoteurMontreal) (rebelmoby) — Oct 15, 2014 12:52PM

Brakes - splice a wire to the hot one going to the 5 way switch. Send that wire to each of the brake switches, run a wire from the other terminal of the brake switches together and run a wire from that splice to the brake bulb in the tail light.

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rick ziereis /

To have brake lights I had to replace the stock switches on my 79 12 volt Moby. I don't understand how it was wired, but when I rewired it the brake lights were always on until I hit the brakes then they went off. So I found some normally closed switches at my local Ace hardware store that went right into the brake assembly and work great.

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Perfect. So am I leaving the 12v terminal on the generator alone then and only using the 6v?

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I'm guessing yes because my lights and horn are all 6v. Right?

How's this look?


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So where's your spark? I know very little about electrics but I believe you want 12v for that

If you have a 12v system that is (edited)

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Oh, this is just for the lights, the spark comes from another wire off the generator. My generator has a 12v and a 6v terminal, I just don't know which one to use with the lights I currently have.

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'77=6v if it is the bike in your profile

Re: Motobecane wiring?

If I get 12v lights, can I run from the 12v terminal and lose the zener diode?

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